Graphic Design Homework

Graphic Design Homework

Due Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Take a walk through a supermarket, pharmacy, or convenience store. Notice the different sections and the products on the shelves.


Please answer the following questions in your sourcebook:


1. Which products catch your attention first? What is it about those products that are catching your attention?


2. Which products do you recognize from a television ad, website pop-up, or magazine?


Note the colors you see.


3. Which colors are used most often? Why do you think those colors are used?


4. Which colors are rarely used? Why do you think those colors are not used often?


5. Why do you think designers make the choices they do? What influences their design choices?


6. Open observations:




**Assignment developed from the book, Communicating through Graphic Design By Kevin Gatta and Claire Mowbray Golding

Plein Air Festival in Potsdam!











Come join us for three days of Plein Air fun in any medium!
Anyone can register to participate; festival artists are not restricted to painting. Friends & family welcome!
“Plein Air” simply means “in the open air” and is traditionally used to describe the act of painting outdoors.
There is a long tradition of Plein Air painting in the region including the celebrated work of Canton-born artist
Frederic Remington. The Potsdam Plein Air Festival is scheduled as the final in a series of North Country
Plein Air Festivals in Paul Smiths, Morristown, Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, and Old Forge but is the first
of its kind to take place in Potsdam.
Community members are invited to this three day event around the Village of Potsdam.
Events are free & open to the public to meet regional artists, watch them work, and purchase
freshly-finished artwork in person. The Plein Air Festival is held during the Potsdam Public Museum’s
annual Sandstone Festival: <>.
Plein Air Festival – community events schedule
artist Nancy Brossard creating a Plein Air painting
Artists of any skill level who work in any medium are invited to register for the festival.
While this is not a juried show so anyone can register to participate, cash prizes will be awarded for
Best in Show, Juror’s Choice, and People’s Choice. Artist registration is open now through September 10th:

Weekly Sketch #2 “Scavenger Hunt”

Weekly Assignment 2

Scavenger Hunt

Due September 22, 2014



For this assignment, you will need to address this artistic problem from the viewpoint of your class or area of focus.


Your task is to find an object that has rough, bumpy, or sharp texture. This item also has a light source shown (I can see where the sun or light is coming from and I can also see the shadow that is created by it). This item may or may not be moveable. This item has some type of shape to it (whether it is organic or geometric).


You are to find this object (just needs to fit the requirements) and either complete an observational drawing (create an interesting composition and fill the entire page) or take interesting photographs of this object or objects. Again, you are to create this assignment based on your class and material of focus.


Be sure to put in appropriate time and effort. Look back to your reflection of your first weekly assignment. How can you improve the next one based off the first one? Have fun! Use your imagination as to what this object can be, but please actually find this object and replicate it from real life.



Please do not wait until Sunday night to work on this! Get ahead and plan!


What’s your perspective?

Sierra Damon shared this link with me on perspective. Check it out- just for fun!


Images below are from the website:





Sketch Due Monday!

Don’t forget every class has their first sketch (“You Are What You Eat”) due MONDAY! Don’t wait until the last minute!! Remember, in order to succeed in this room, you must put in EFFORT! Try your best!


Advanced classes: You should be pushing your style and talent/ abilities!!!


Don’t forget to have fun with this assignment!

Remington Arts Festival

The Remington Arts Festival Student Art Competition and Exhibition is right around the corner!


If you are interested in submitting a piece of your own original art, please let me know and I will assist you in the process, including dropping your work off for you. You can work on this outside of class, during studyhall, or after school. If you are done with your in class project, you could also work during class.


Please see me for the proper paperwork!



2014 Remington Arts Festival

Student Art Competition and Exhibit Guidelines

September 27, 2014

This event is part of the 13th Annual Remington Arts Festival. For additional information and Registration Form, please visit


Eligibility:       The competition is open to any student in Grades K-12.

Theme:              The Student Art Competition and Exhibit theme  for 2014 is “Artist’s Choice” and the festival motto is “Canton’s Celebration of  Arts  Excellence in the North Country”.


Media+            Two – dimensional, ready to hang artwork or small (up to 24”x36”) three- dimensional pieces. Please label each piece with Title, Brief Description, Artist’s Name,Grade, School, Phone Number, E-Mail, Art Teacher, Art Teacher’s Phone and E-Mail or attach a copy of the Registration Form enclosed and also found on the website to each work submitted.


Deadline:         Artwork may be dropped off between Thursday September 18 and 3pm on Wednesday, September 24 to TAUNY anytime during their hours of                                operation, 10am-5pm..   No entries will be accepted after that time unless prior arrangements have been made with the 2014 Student Art Competition and Exhibit Coordinator.


Location :       TAUNY, 2 West Main Street, Canton, New York.


Award               There will be a Reception for the public, area art teachers, and students at 11:30am on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at TAUNY followed by a short Awards Ceremony at noon. Prizes will be awarded by category: Photography, Sculpture, Painting, and Miscellaneous and level, K-4, 5-8, 9-12. All entrants will receive a participation certificate.


Pick Up:          Entries are to be picked up at TAUNY anytime prior to October 10, 2014 unless other arrangements have been made with the 2014 Student Art Competition and Exhibit Coordinator.


Sponsors         The sponsors of the Remington Art Festival Student Art Competition and Exhibit for 2014 are Grasse River Heritage, Canton Area Zonta Club, TAUNY, Remington Arts Festival Committee, SLC Arts Council and the Haley-Nichols Fund .


Questions:       Please contact Linda Fay, 2014 Student Art Competition and Exhibit Coordinator at or at 315-386-5228.

Weekly Sketch #1

This weeks sketch theme: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”


Sketch Assignment Due Monday (September 15, 2014)

(See the desk references for convenience and help)


Studio Art:  There will need to be 2-3 drawings incorporated for this assignment: Create a hybrid food (combining two or more foods). The foods should represent you somehow. What would these foods look like combined? What are your reasons for combining these foods? Please create the appropriate packaging for your hybrid food. You should have drawings of the original foods (from observation) and then you will create the hybrid food (from both observation and imagination). Have fun with this!



Photo: Take pictures of food from an interesting focal point/ perspective. Focus on your lighting, composition, and think of the elements of art. The items of food that you pick to photograph should represent you somehow. Have fun; don’t forget to get high and low.



Advanced Studio: Draw from real life, your favorite food, or a food that represents you somehow. Like the saying “You are what you eat,” what could you draw to represent yourself. This should be an observational drawing from life (looking and drawing). Keep the elements of art in mind while drawing- how many elements were you able to use.  Please be sure to use the entire value range, and only use color to show emphasis or to draw the viewer’s eye to a focal point. Enjoy!



Graphic Design: Pick either Option #1 or Option #2

  1. Pick your favorite food and re-design the logo. Explain your choices and decisions for the logo. Needs to be original and high quality.


  1. Create a hybrid food and design the appropriate label and packaging that it would need…including a name! Have fun!



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