Breaking down the four walls…

I thought skyping in class was a really cool way to show us not only how to do it, but that the opportunities are endless. Being able to bring other people, experts, into the classroom is an amazing opportunity that every teacher should be taking advantage of. As an art teacher, I think it would be so awesome to allow my students to not only skype with other students from different schools to show their artwork and have discussions, but to be able to talk with contemporary artists. That type of learning is priceless. I know from my own experience, attempting to do a research paper on a contemporary artist right now, I am finding it very difficult to gather information, especially when the artist said he does not have time to answer my questions. Perhaps if I asked to skype with him for a couple minutes, he would have been more obliged to answer. I never thought of using skype to analyze and discuss artwork either, but when that was mentioned in class, I thought what a great way to take away the personalization of projects so that students are not embarrassed to talk about their own work. We can switch work and share and the ideas are really endless! I also thought about how skyping with a class from across the country, or from a different country to really give the students some first hand perspective would be amazing. Especially if they are places we are learning about in art history, the students would be able to ask questions and interact, and possibly “visit” a place they would otherwise never be able to see / interact with people from.


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  1. Steve Ransom
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 13:14:54

    Yes – it’s one more tool to break down the walls that isolate and separate us.


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