While this semester is ending and I am reflecting on everything we have learned in this class, I am happy to find myself taking away many useful resources and tools. As an art teacher, I am constantly looking for different visuals to motivate my students to get into their projects and bring relevance to the subject matter. Some of the resources and tools that I will bring with is: skype, interactive powerpoints, podcasts, all the internet resources, and keeping in mind that relevance is key and the more research I do the more my students will be into the unit. I find technology to be more helpful and useful than not. I have encountered my fair share of problems with technology this semester, but nothing that I couldn’t have planned for and sought other methods of salvation. As a teacher, I will always keep in mind that technology can fail and will always have a back up plan. More than just a teacher, as an artist and art teacher, I will keep current with what is new and be sure to allow my students the chance to experience what is out there, but also not forget about where we came from. I will be happy to work my curriculum from basics like drawing and painting and then incorporate technology and introduce contemporary art and allow the students to make the decision as to which media will best lend itself to their creative processes. Overall this has been a tough semester, but I will take away a life’s worth of teaching tools and resources and a new found interest in learning about new technologies and web 2.0 to bring into the classroom, so it was all worth it in the end.


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