Graphic Design Class

My first project for the Graphic Desgin class I am, in at Nazareth, was due tonight. We had to take a picture of lines and they could be organic or inorganic. Then with a few steps on Photoshop we changed, altered, and filtered these photos to look like amazing designs. Here are a few examples of ones I did:

This started out as an old wooden bridge. I changed the hue, I flipped the fence vertically and horizontally, and then played with other adjustments and filters to create this image.

This started out as a fence with tall sand dune grass from North Carolina.

This image started as pumpkins, which you can kind of still see.

And this image started as a big tree from the Adirondacks. This was a really fun and easy graphics project to start class off with. I think this would be a great lesson for high school and even middle school students to do over a one to two day period. It really made me excited and eager for our other projects and I have already started to pick up new things on Photoshop that will help me with editing my photos for my business!


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