It’s the Beginning of Fall…

This past week, with all this fall weather, Shawn and I were eager to get up North to his camp and enjoy the chilly air. We went for a hike and scouted a few deer trails so I got to take some nice pictures to share! Then we took a ferry to Vermont and it is silly to say but I LOVE the idea of being out of state!! Here are some unedited pictures from the trip:

The view from the top of a cliff we climbed.

The Cabin.

Getting on the ferry to Vermont.

We made it to Vermont!

This picture was inspired by Rachel H. 🙂 and the gorgeous reflection on the kia.

I was playing with the manual settings on my camera on our drive to dinner and although this picture is not perfect in exposure terms, the sky was so provoking and threatening I had to post it!

So all in all, in a one day span, Shawn and I made it from Speculator to Lake Champlain to Vermont and back again to litlte ol’ Onondaga safe and sound. We had a great time and I cannot wait for the leaves to change more so I can get back up there and take more pictures!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephen Ransom
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 20:43:41

    Vermont in the fall is wonderful, isn’t it. I love the photo of the leaf on the ground… reminds me of how fleeting life is.


    • Ms. Ashley Eipp
      Sep 25, 2010 @ 22:40:14

      I know! I have never been to Vermont before and it was beautiful! That leaf was the first one I found on the ground that had changed and it still had great color. I didn’t realize my pictures were so large on here, and my friend Karen, that is in one of your classes this semester, told me that I needed to change my resolution so that people can’t print them. (I really need a watermark, but haven’t found the time to make one yet.) But anyways, I LOVE blogging, especially with my pictures, so thank you for your resources and insight during class!!


  2. Stephen Ransom
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 16:39:06

    That’s so funny. Yes, I mentioned that because some students were uploading really high/raw resolution photos to use as a small thumbnail for the student roster page – which led me to telling them about your blog and how slowly the pages loaded because of your high resolution photos. It’s always wise to resize them for the web so that they load quickly.

    I did a quick search and this seems like a really easy free option to watermark and resize your images all at the same time.


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