Here are my wheel throwing pieces (first attempt) from their thrown state to their glazed state.

I threw the spout, handle, and tops as well.

We are currently doing a slab project right now but I want to keep throwing and making better pots.



I did a photo shoot for my friend Meg and her boyfriend and her one year old horse Lance!  This was my first real attempt at taking pictures of an animal..and a horse is way different than a dog when it comes to listening!! (you could probably assume that). My sister was my assistant and she ended up being the “treat girl”- whenever we wanted the horse to look at me, Allison would shake the treat bucket. It worked great and was very funny to watch my sister. It was also interesting to watch my sister interact with the horse because at first she was apprehensive and nervous and then after a while she grew more comfortable and I think ended up enjoying herself. I had fun with this photo shoot and it was def. a first for me- here are some of my favorite shots from session.

No-named kitty

We got a new kitty!! Well, Allison got a new kitty … I think kittens are adorable, its just when they grow up I don’t much care for cats. Here are some pics of the little one though- we have not picked out a name yet because we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. It’s momma abandoned it at a neighbors house- so it is very young still. We are guessing only about four or five weeks old.

OF course Dixie LOVED the kitty and is always so excited when its down on the ground playing. Dixie likes to smell it and nuzzle it and try to play with it, but it is still too little- so we try to keep them separate until the kitten is alittle bit bigger.

HAHA this one is a little scary, but hilarious. This was little kitty’s first bath.

And of course the big baby herself 🙂

The Jones Family Portrait Session

It is always fun and challenging for me to take photos for people that I am close with. I know the stakes are high and I have to deal with these people on a daily basis so I better do a good job. A part of this challenge is figuring out different poses and places since I don’t like to repeat myself if at all possible. So setting up the Jones Family Portrait session was challenging but fun. We started out just in their back yard and ended up across the street at the school since the scenery was so lit with the autumn colors of fall. I think their pictures turned out great and I had a really fun time on their shoot.

This picture is a good example of how bright the sun was over the weekend and made it VERY difficult to get pictures without blown out areas. I tried to find shade for most of the photoshoot.


During these photoshoots I obviously am trying to improve my compositions, ideas, and quality of photographs. I have recently started to shoot in a semi-manual setting which is helping me with my focal points. I think this setting is especially helpful when I am doing larger groups like the Jones Family because I was able to get everyone in focus. I am hopefully going to force myself to shoot completely in manual, but I need to keep practicing and get better at changing the aperture and shutter speed faster and more efficient.


I took my cousin Niomi’s senior portraits this week and they came out great! The weather was much better for pictures and the view from my uncles house made for an awesome photoshoot. With Niomi’s collages I took some extra time to try to change things around a bit and do some different things. I got tired of making the same collages, so I tried to push myself and I ended up using some symbols and lines to add a little something extra to them. I think they came out nice.

Ashley and Ed

My evening photoshoot last night was another engagement session with Ashley and Ed. Eventhough it was 5pm we still struggled with the sun casting too strong of a highlight and shadow on the face. It was a great weekend for Applefest and being outside, but not so great for my photoshoots. We were able to find some shade and get some nice shots.

My Family Photos

It has been FOREVER since my family has had their photos taken together – we are talking back when Allison was so little and cute and about 8. So I had my friend Drew from college come over because he is also a photographer and has a similar taste in photography that I do. Here are some of the photos:

These photos are Copyright Drew Jensen 2010

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