No-named kitty

We got a new kitty!! Well, Allison got a new kitty … I think kittens are adorable, its just when they grow up I don’t much care for cats. Here are some pics of the little one though- we have not picked out a name yet because we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. It’s momma abandoned it at a neighbors house- so it is very young still. We are guessing only about four or five weeks old.

OF course Dixie LOVED the kitty and is always so excited when its down on the ground playing. Dixie likes to smell it and nuzzle it and try to play with it, but it is still too little- so we try to keep them separate until the kitten is alittle bit bigger.

HAHA this one is a little scary, but hilarious. This was little kitty’s first bath.

And of course the big baby herself 🙂


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