Hunting Season 2010

This hunting season has been very different because of the weather. I didn’t end up with anything during bow season- even though taking a deer with a bow is my preference. There is a skill to bow hunting. The deer have to be within 20-30 yards and it is just much more of a sport I think. I unfortunately did not have a chance to harvest anything because the deer were moving so late. Today was opening for gun though, and I finally harvested my first buck! I have been waiting for this ever since I started hunting! It was such a great experience and I got to share it with my dad, brother, and boyfriend. My dad was so proud of me- it was def. a great morning! So here is my first buck ever! Seven pointer- weighed 125 dressed.


My Little Meggy’s Wedding

On October 16, 2010 my college rommate Megan got married to her long time sweetheart Jamie. The wedding was in Canandaigua at Bristol Harbor- which was BEAUTIFUL! I went to Bristol Harbor extra early to see the beautiful bride and to do the wedding party’s makeup. Meggy’s wedding was perfect from start to finish, and she did an excellent job planning it (the hard work really does pay off all my anxious brides to be this summer!!!). Of course I had my camera with me and couldn’t help myself from going to the reception place with Meg’s mom to check on how things were coming before the wedding started, so I started taking pictures there and didn’t stop until we got well into the reception. I took pictures for Megan and Jamie and then enjoyed myself for the rest of the night with Shawn and some friends from college. It was a perfect day for two perfect people that are meant to be together and will have a very long and loving marriage. I love you Megan and Jamie and wish you all the love in the world!!



This weather is really putting me beside myself with what time to do my photoshoots. Its getting dark early, then late, then the sun is bright, then its not so bright. With trying to figure out what time is best for the month of November for photos…I booked a session today for 9am- thinking this is about when I get out of my tree stand, its light out but not too bright. Wouldn’t it figure that we have spring weather today and at 9am it was really sunny- no clouds in the sky! Sometimes I just have to laugh at my luck and say FIGURES!

So anyways. The photoshoot was of Christine, her husband, and son. Even though in some of the pictures the sun is so strong it made white out spots on their faces (which I usually don’t like) but I actually like how these ones came out. I have seen other photographers use very strong lighting and I just have never been able to make it work in my photos…TODAY however I made it work! I really like these pictures…especially the ones of little Lucas who is ADORABLE!



Turtle Cheesecake Tartlets

I got a new recipe book this week and it has so many delicious desserts that I cannot wait to make ALL of them. I tried the turtle cheesecake tartlets first and they were DELICIOUS. If anyone wants the recipe leave a comment. These little bites of heaven are great for a snack and dessert. They are so little that they are perfect for eating a treat and not feeling guilty about it after.

Photo Restoration

For my graphic design class this week, we did a short study on photo restoration. We took old family photos that are battered and to the point of almost ruined and we scanned them onto the computers. We then used photoshop to fix or restore them as best as we could. I worked on a picture of my Poppy from 1953 in Sasebo, Japan while he was in the Navy. A project like this takes lots of patience, time, close observation, and a lot of love because it is very tedious. This is why we used pictures of loved ones so that the time we put into the process was worth it…and boy was it! My Poppy is obviously a lot younger in this picture than I have ever seen him- and until this point I had never seen a resemblence. In this picture I can not only see a part of my dad but a couple of my uncles and even a little bit of my brother! So that was fun to see physical family ties…and not to mention how cool to see my Poppy on a Navy ship in Japan and how many stories could be told from one photo. My Poppy edured more than I can imagine during the Korean War and what a better time to post this than the day after Veterans Day. Where would we be without our Veterans that gave up so much to fight for what we have today? Therefore it was an honor to restore this picture and keep this all in mind while working on the restoration process.

Four Generations

I did my first indoor photoshoot over the weekend. It was against my best judgement- because I don’t have a great flash yet and I like my natural backgrounds. A teacher from school though really wanted a four generations picture done with her grandmother, her mother, her, and her daughter. She explained her grandmothers house to me and asked if we could try the shoot inside- I said sure why not. THey were looking for a very traditional generation picture and I think Lynne’s grandmother’s house lent itself nicely to the “timeless” look. I then took some indoor and outdoor shots of Lynne’s daughter in her first communion dress. I LOVE how these pictures turned out!

Of course most of them are in black and white because I am so obsessed- but come on- how great are these pictures- color just would not do them justice!

For Kim

I had two little photo sessions last weekend at Marcellus Park. The first session was of three kids- 2 brothers and a sister. They were really sweet and had great ideas of what they wanted to do for their photos. The second session was of little Katie- such a sweetie and really photogenic. I didn’t even have her pose really- it was mostly natural poses with her playing at the park and the pictures turned out really nice because of it.

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