Photo Restoration

For my graphic design class this week, we did a short study on photo restoration. We took old family photos that are battered and to the point of almost ruined and we scanned them onto the computers. We then used photoshop to fix or restore them as best as we could. I worked on a picture of my Poppy from 1953 in Sasebo, Japan while he was in the Navy. A project like this takes lots of patience, time, close observation, and a lot of love because it is very tedious. This is why we used pictures of loved ones so that the time we put into the process was worth it…and boy was it! My Poppy is obviously a lot younger in this picture than I have ever seen him- and until this point I had never seen a resemblence. In this picture I can not only see a part of my dad but a couple of my uncles and even a little bit of my brother! So that was fun to see physical family ties…and not to mention how cool to see my Poppy on a Navy ship in Japan and how many stories could be told from one photo. My Poppy edured more than I can imagine during the Korean War and what a better time to post this than the day after Veterans Day. Where would we be without our Veterans that gave up so much to fight for what we have today? Therefore it was an honor to restore this picture and keep this all in mind while working on the restoration process.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 21:17:36

    ash, this is so impressive. incredibly done, friend.


  2. Heather
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 14:49:59

    Wow, i can’t beleive that is poppy! You did a great job!!


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