This weather is really putting me beside myself with what time to do my photoshoots. Its getting dark early, then late, then the sun is bright, then its not so bright. With trying to figure out what time is best for the month of November for photos…I booked a session today for 9am- thinking this is about when I get out of my tree stand, its light out but not too bright. Wouldn’t it figure that we have spring weather today and at 9am it was really sunny- no clouds in the sky! Sometimes I just have to laugh at my luck and say FIGURES!

So anyways. The photoshoot was of Christine, her husband, and son. Even though in some of the pictures the sun is so strong it made white out spots on their faces (which I usually don’t like) but I actually like how these ones came out. I have seen other photographers use very strong lighting and I just have never been able to make it work in my photos…TODAY however I made it work! I really like these pictures…especially the ones of little Lucas who is ADORABLE!




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  1. Christine
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 18:22:12

    Ashley, they are absolutely amazing! I can not wait to see the rest! Thank you again so very much for doing this for us! Ben loved them as well!


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