Bindi and Remi

I took some pictures of Bindi and Remi at Britt’s Christmas party and I had to put this one up! I think it the cutest picture ever!! They look like an old couple…so adorable!



I took photos today for my friend Britt. She has two beautiful, crazy, and fun loving dogs- Remi and Bindi. It was fun to do this shoot in the snow because the dogs were so excited and loved playing in it. We also lucked out with the weather. It was gorgeous and the perfect amount of sunlight that created beautiful highlights and shadows in the snow.


Last Graphic Design Project

For our last project we had to create a vintage style poster of either a contemporary theme or vintage theme. I struggled with this project huge! I had trouble finding a theme, and then how to make my project look vintage, and then after some great feeedback from my fellow colleagues I came up with this:


My projects so far have been about self empowerment, self confidence, “womanhood”, so I thought it would be appropriate to end the semester with this image. Today’s housewife: We hold full-time jobs, come  home to cook, clean, put a smile on everyone’s face, help with homework, then do our own homework. I know my own mom is like this, along with my aunts, and family friends. To make this project I was inspired by the old Wonder Woman posters, the vintage “pinup” girl posters, and the “We Can Do It” poster. I took my own photos (with help from Britt 🙂 ) and then collaged them together using Photoshop. I then used various techniques on Photoshop to make the poster look “vintage”. I also borrowed the bazooka from a stock art site (seeing as how I did not have one lying around). I would say my biggest weakness in Photoshop was cutting things out and making them look real when I was creating a new image and this project helped me to cut things out and merge images together better.




The holidays are quickly approaching – its the perfect time of year to take photos outside! Snow makes a wondeful background for photos! You just need a winter coat and boots to stay warm! Photo Christmas cards are the perfect gift for all family members and friends! Visit my website to set up a photo session-