Last Graphic Design Project

For our last project we had to create a vintage style poster of either a contemporary theme or vintage theme. I struggled with this project huge! I had trouble finding a theme, and then how to make my project look vintage, and then after some great feeedback from my fellow colleagues I came up with this:


My projects so far have been about self empowerment, self confidence, “womanhood”, so I thought it would be appropriate to end the semester with this image. Today’s housewife: We hold full-time jobs, come  home to cook, clean, put a smile on everyone’s face, help with homework, then do our own homework. I know my own mom is like this, along with my aunts, and family friends. To make this project I was inspired by the old Wonder Woman posters, the vintage “pinup” girl posters, and the “We Can Do It” poster. I took my own photos (with help from Britt 🙂 ) and then collaged them together using Photoshop. I then used various techniques on Photoshop to make the poster look “vintage”. I also borrowed the bazooka from a stock art site (seeing as how I did not have one lying around). I would say my biggest weakness in Photoshop was cutting things out and making them look real when I was creating a new image and this project helped me to cut things out and merge images together better.




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