Business Card

I have been obviously working on my logo and from that theme, I have designed my new business card. I absolutely LOVE my current business card, so I modeled it after that one, but used all my own hand drawn line designs to make it my own. Also, my version is a bit more simple and has less color, so it will be cheaper to print…which is always a plus. I also changed the colors of my logo a bit and it is now completely finalized…for a time being anyways hehe. I think using more natural earthtones helps communicate that I do not use a studio and I prefer natural poses outside.



My business card will probably be edited a little more before it is finalized, but this is the direction I am heading in. Let me know what you think!


Visual Books

This semester, MY LAST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL, I am also taking a visual books class. This class is really fun, really hands on, and really useful. We have made a variety of sample books in class, practiced folding, and now we are working on stitching and bindings. I haven’t taken picures of the small sample books but here are a few of other books. The first is a sample button-hole book, the next three are Japanese Stab Binding books, and the last is our first project. It is so fun to make books. I have made myself a Japanese Stab Book for loose recipes I have, and I made one for my sister as a journal/ sketchbook to take with her to Italy.

We have also experimented with making papers…well so far just the design on the paper. We will soon be making actual paper with pulp.

Button-Hole Book:


Japanese Stab Binding:




Project 1: Landsccape(Our books could be in anyway a form of landscape- or our take of it. My book is titled, “The Parts That Make Me Whole.” It is about my relationship with the landscape and the parts of it that have shaped me into who I am. At first I was going to use photographs and go very literal- showing the exact landscapes that I have learned from and made me who I am. I was influenced by Susan Kapuscinski and her sculptural visual books. So, rather than going literal, I went a little more sculptural, using symbols of the landscape that represented what I wanted to say. I LOVE how this book turned out…and these pictures do not do it justice AT ALL…but you get the idea. The first is what the book looks like closed, and the second is what it looks like open from a straight on view. In the Graduate Art Show, this book will be shown opened but sitting up on deer antlers (Pictures to come).




Note: For anyone that does not know or understand what a visual book is, the definition is not a solid one. Artist Books or Visual Books are NOT books about art, they ARE THE ART. There are no limitations with visual books. If you Google them you will find a variety of different styles, looks, pages, covers, content, etc. I encourage you to look some up and there are some amazing book artists like Susan Kapuscinski:


Monkey man

I took pictures of Colt for his first birthday. It is amazing to see how much he has grown up in this past year. I took his pictures when he was newborn, three months, six months, and now one year. He has grown into such a fun, outgoing, and adventurous toddler.

Adobe Illustrator (CS3)

On top of creating my logo in my advanced studio class, I am also creating fun cartoons to learn Illustrator better. I am using Creative Suite 3…which if any of you are up to date in technology you probably think that my edition was from when the dinosaurs roamed….but it works just great for me and I got it a long time ago at a much cheaper price (and that suits me just fine considering how much it is to buy CS5.)  There is no meaning behind the cartoons and they are purely for enjoyment and learning. If you are at a higher level in Illustrator than I am…please blur your eyes so you don’t see the mistakes I made…I know these are rough…but I am learning 🙂 The rest of the cartoons are people that I made up…They are listed in order of when I created them to show my progression and how I am getting better. ( I love the one of Shawn! I looks just like my lumberjack 🙂 ) And the last one is of my sister, she is so cute with her pink cheeks all the time..I hope I captured her right.

My Logo!

I finally decided on what my logo is going to be! I edited this logo to be more simplistic and chose it because I think it is the logo that looks the most like my style. I LOVED all the other logos and thought they were so cool, but I just don’t think they are as much “me”. Also, to help me decide which logo to use, I put the logos on an invoice, letter head, and on photos (eventhough the watermark will be slightly different-more linear- but within the theme of my logo). The other logos just didn’t look right somehow, so based on that and the fact that this logo looks the most like ‘me’ that is what I went with. Thank you to everyone that commented and voted and gave advice! I really appreciate it!






This was the runner up- I really like this style, but when I placed it on my material it just did not look right.



Ashley*Lynn Photography

Dear loyal friends and dedicated blog readers,

I am still working on a new logo/ brand name for my photography business. Thank you for all those who voted on which logo style you liked best!! I really appreciate your help. After meeting with my teacher, who is teaching me how to use the Creative suite and guiding me to develop my logo, we decided to ask more advice from my wonderful friends and family!!

Basically, as a professional photographer, I found that I use five main points to make my business what it is: 1. capturing the essence of a person 2. using natural lighting 3. contemporary style 4. provide a comfortable atmosphere (that then allows #1 to happen) and 5. flexibility.

What I am trying to accomplish is for these five things to be represented in my logo. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can portray these qualities better? (But visually…not hitting you over the head with just the words). How can my logo say these things about me better than I have already shown? Please give me very honest opinions and suggestions- I am on my final editing of my logo and want to make sure I get it right. I am asking for help because you are all potential clients and some are already clients…so who better to get suggestions from than you!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate the suggestions and advice!


P.S. I am also trying to decide if I should have two different logos…one for portraits and one for weddings and engagements. The portraits would be a version of logo 2 or 3 and the weddings and engagements would be a version of logo 1.

Also, I wanted to note that in logos 2 and 3 I was going for an “eye” look because it is my eye that captures all the images through my camera lens….so I tried to create eye lashes or the illusion that the camera lens is an eye….just keep that in mind while you are deciding 🙂


Logo 1:

Logo 2:





Logo 3:



3 Weeks Old

On Friday I had a newborn photo session with this sweet, 3 week old, baby. He was actually born on my birthday! I had so much fun during this photo shoot!  I tried a few new poses that I think turned out well. Here are a few photos that I have edited so far…I am not completely done yet, but I had to edit a few otherwise I was never going to get to my own homework. Enjoy this precious new bundle of life- I sure did 🙂 Thank you for a great session Lisa and Colton!