Adobe Illustrator (CS3)

On top of creating my logo in my advanced studio class, I am also creating fun cartoons to learn Illustrator better. I am using Creative Suite 3…which if any of you are up to date in technology you probably think that my edition was from when the dinosaurs roamed….but it works just great for me and I got it a long time ago at a much cheaper price (and that suits me just fine considering how much it is to buy CS5.)  There is no meaning behind the cartoons and they are purely for enjoyment and learning. If you are at a higher level in Illustrator than I am…please blur your eyes so you don’t see the mistakes I made…I know these are rough…but I am learning 🙂 The rest of the cartoons are people that I made up…They are listed in order of when I created them to show my progression and how I am getting better. ( I love the one of Shawn! I looks just like my lumberjack 🙂 ) And the last one is of my sister, she is so cute with her pink cheeks all the time..I hope I captured her right.


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