Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my friends and family!! Today was very relaxing and filled with lots of laughs, great food, and family time. I hope you all enjoyed the same kind of day!


New Lens

I am working on adding to my photography family by adding new lenses when I can afford them…it is a slow process but i’m getting there! I just got a wide angled lens that I think will really be great for weddings. Most of my lenses are fixed, which means no zoom..I have to be physically as close or as far away as I want my pictures to look. Also, with the lenses that I have, due to the mm they are, I have to usually be pretty far away and the pictures are still close ups…so I wanted something a little different-where I didn’t have to be far away from my subjects. So, for my next purchase, I was actually looking for more of a “fish eye” lens that really skews perspective…but I decided to go with a more standard wide angled lens and went with a Tamron (10-24mm 1:3.5-4.5). I will admit, I really prefer buying Canon products, I like everything to match and I like the quality. The dealer promised this lens has the same quality, as well as being two hundred dollars cheaper, it also came with a rebate…so I was sold, for now anyways. I have 14 days to return it, so I am going to play around and make sure I really want it. If anyone has experience with this brand or lens or has suggestions for me, I would love to hear what you have to say!!! Here are some pictures taken with the new lens…nothing great just getting used to what it can do.

Roaring 20’s Themed Wedding

This weekend marked the start of wedding season for me. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating so the wedding ended up indoors. The venue was Arrowhead Lodge at Oneida Shores. It was a beautiful lodge and I was so happy with the amount of windows there because we had great natural lighting pouring in across the reception area. This wedding was so fun; it was themed for the Roaring 20’s and the wedding party dressed to fit the theme. A few of the wedding guests also dressed up and it really added to the flare of the wedding. The wedding was catered by Kathy’s Corner and the food/service was AMAZING. I highly recommend Kathy’s Corner for anyone looking for a caterer for any upcoming event. I really enjoyed myself at this wedding, everyone was so nice and it was a great way to start off wedding season!


Harvard Lacrosse

I finally got to watch my cousin Danny play lax for Harvard a few weekends ago against U Albany. It was so much fun to watch him not only play but score goals. As a freshman, Danny is doing an amazing job and is a real asset to the Harvard team. It was also great to see my family that I haven’t been able to see in a while. I of course brought my camera with me to capture some of the days events.

Trout Season

One of my favorite things to do is go fishing; so with trout season recently opening up, my dad and I took an afternoon and tried our luck. We didn’t catch anything, but it was really fun spending time with my dad and casting a couple lines. (And of course..I brought my camera with me just in case we caught a ‘lunker’)