Little Miss ‘M’

I started off the week with a great photo session with little miss ‘m’. She was so energetic and such a two-year old- which is one of my favorite ages to photograph because they are so energetic and spunky and full of persomality. Our photo shoot was full of laughs and drama. I had a blast to say the least and got some great pictures of Little Miss ‘M’ being no one other than herself! Brandi you are such a great mom! I hope you enjoy these pictures of your beautiful daughter 🙂


Shabby Chic

A couple of weekends ago I photographed a wedding in Rochester at Chapel Hill and then at a really awesome restaurant called ‘Good Luck.’ This wedding was so fun and the theme was really unique. I have never heard of ‘shabby chic’ before, and after researching it (to make sure I captured the theme in my photos) I kind of fell in love with it. “W” was such a GORGEOUS bride and “T” was such a fun groom. Their wedding was true to their personalities, which are always my favorite! Here are some shots I have edited so far…



I can finally put these pictures up since the surprise is over. Corinne and her brothers had pictures taken for their mom’s birthday. It was such a nice idea to surprise their mom with pictures because pictures are timeless and such a great gift idea. We struggled with the weather for a minute…it was when ‘mother nature’ couldn’t decide if it was summer or spring or fall. They came out great though and I used a new location, which is always fun.