Meet the Artists Night!

Meet the Artists night is going to be Sept. 27 (Next Thursday) from 5-6:30. Come and join us for some refreshments, hopefully music, artwork, creating art, and listening to a story that was written and illustrated by Ray Whalen, a local artist. He will even be giving away copies of the book!! There will be a table for a special kind of painting with Jennifer Impey, Collage with either myself or Catherine LaPointe, and possibly another painting or pastel option with Ray Whalen. Come chat with artists about their work, make your own art, enjoy a snack, and listen to a nice story. I hope to see the Potsdam community there!


Artwork Created by Local Artists on display near the office


I am in the process of putting up a quick 2 week display of artwork done by local artists. I am waiting on a few more pieces to add in, but this is what I have so far. I think inviting the artists into the school to show their work is a great way for the children to see this art work that they may not get to otherwise. I also think it is great to get the community into the school. I hope everyone takes a minute to stop by the display and check it out. I will be posting a few artist statements and will be having a Meet the Artists night at the end of September.

Special thank you to my participating artists so far: Ray Whalen, Sara Lynch, and Catherine LaPointe.

Ten Second Table Teams


Today I had 3 of the 4 Kindergarten classes. Since I only see them once in a six day cycle- I spent the majority of class reviewing safety and procedures of the art room. I then read the book, “Beautiful Ooops,” by Barney Saltzberg. This is a great book for elementary…even middle school to teach kids to not waste paper. If they use their imaginations then they can create any ‘Ooops’ into a beautiful piece of art. They all loved this book, we were very silly when reading it and Miss. Eipp practiced lots of different animal voices.

After reviewing and reading we talked more about imagination. I had the students sit at their tables and we played a game that I made up called, ten second table teams. Each table gets 1 piece of paper and 1 box of crayons. They use their imaginations to create anything they want while the rest of the table counts to ten. At ten, the paper and crayons get passed and the next student adds onto the creation. This keeps rotating until I call time. We played this for 7 min. and they loved it. This is how they turned out.


I think for the next class I try this with, I will give them something to create together using their imaginations. For example: create an animal together- can look like anything you want. As they paper gets passed each student gets to add on their own idea.

I liked this project though because it got the creative juices flowing and they worked together at their tables in teams.

I also like this quick group project/ game because I am in the process of starting my pre-assessments and I can’t start teaching them the information because I need to have a baseline first…so this was a productive way to work before the assessments next week.

Mark Making






I wanted to give a big thanks for all of the parents and families that made it down to the art room last night for Meet the Teacher night. I am so excited to work with such a supportive community. It was truly a pleasure to meet each and every one of you!

For those of you that didn’t make it down to the art room, I hope to meet you soon. I will be sending home a letter soon with the kids explaining about art this year- so keep an eye out for that.

The picture above is of the posters I had the students and their families ‘make their mark’ on during Meet the Teacher night. I cut the pieces apart and re-glued them down to black poster paper- giving a mosaic look. I have heard a lot of students say they ‘aren’t good at art’ or ‘can’t draw’…so I decided to do this mark making project. I didn’t give any directions other than- pick a piece, decorate it, and sign your name (no stress of having to ‘be good at art). I just wanted to show everyone in the school and community that you don’t have to ‘be good at art’ to make art. Mark making is the earliest developmental form of art- starting when a toddler finger paints and carries on through all ages, using all different materials- anything that leaves a mark.

It is a wonderful feeling to feel accomplished, and I want to give that feeling to all of our students in the art room. They are all capable of making marks that represent themselves and their own culture that will help them develop a sense of self.  Using various art forms, the students will be working different brain processes and motor skills that are crucial for development; for example: problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, aesthetic opinion and taste, public speaking and discussion, confidence, manners, etc. The list can go on and on- so I am really excited to get started on projects and give our little people a sense of self, confidence, and all that goes along with art education.

1st grade : Favorite thing I did this summer was…

Here are some examples of a few of the first graders 5 minute drawings from today.





You might have seen some drawings taken home this first week of school if you have a first or second grade child.

First and Second Graders have been working on what the word draw means in art. I started their classes off with a ‘bell ringer’ (activity to start class) that was a quick drawing exercise.

Side note: We do have an Art Room Word Wall and all the vocabulary learned in the art room goes on the word wall for the appropriate grade level.  (Draw is the first one for 1st and 2nd grade).

Ok, anyways, back to the bell ringer. I had the students think for 30 seconds about their favorite thing they did this summer. The students then shared their favorite thing from summer with someone at their table. Then, the students had 5 minutes to draw out their favorite thing from summer. This is a short amount of time, meant to push the students to create fast. This allows for students to get right to work, rather than sit and worry about if their drawing is going to look good or not. I start the classes this way to ease into art and for the timid ones to see that it’s not so bad!

After the 5 minutes were up, the students were then able to share their drawing with someone at their table. They were on the clock for 1 minute.

This was a fun activity that generated some great discussions about summer activities and drawing. Please feel free to ask your son or daughter about drawing- what it means/ what it looks like/ what you use to draw. Also, ask them to see their drawing! They did a great job!

Cupcake Facts and Art Challenges

Cupcake Facts and Art Challenges

I added this poster next to the birthday board for our theme this month: cupcakes. There are some fun and interesting facts on one side and art challenges on the other. There is also a place for students to add in interesting facts about cupcakes that they find.

If you know anything neat about cupcakes, leave a comment about it here! Or try one of the drawing challenges.


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