You might have seen some drawings taken home this first week of school if you have a first or second grade child.

First and Second Graders have been working on what the word draw means in art. I started their classes off with a ‘bell ringer’ (activity to start class) that was a quick drawing exercise.

Side note: We do have an Art Room Word Wall and all the vocabulary learned in the art room goes on the word wall for the appropriate grade level.  (Draw is the first one for 1st and 2nd grade).

Ok, anyways, back to the bell ringer. I had the students think for 30 seconds about their favorite thing they did this summer. The students then shared their favorite thing from summer with someone at their table. Then, the students had 5 minutes to draw out their favorite thing from summer. This is a short amount of time, meant to push the students to create fast. This allows for students to get right to work, rather than sit and worry about if their drawing is going to look good or not. I start the classes this way to ease into art and for the timid ones to see that it’s not so bad!

After the 5 minutes were up, the students were then able to share their drawing with someone at their table. They were on the clock for 1 minute.

This was a fun activity that generated some great discussions about summer activities and drawing. Please feel free to ask your son or daughter about drawing- what it means/ what it looks like/ what you use to draw. Also, ask them to see their drawing! They did a great job!


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