Ten Second Table Teams


Today I had 3 of the 4 Kindergarten classes. Since I only see them once in a six day cycle- I spent the majority of class reviewing safety and procedures of the art room. I then read the book, “Beautiful Ooops,” by Barney Saltzberg. This is a great book for elementary…even middle school to teach kids to not waste paper. If they use their imaginations then they can create any ‘Ooops’ into a beautiful piece of art. They all loved this book, we were very silly when reading it and Miss. Eipp practiced lots of different animal voices.

After reviewing and reading we talked more about imagination. I had the students sit at their tables and we played a game that I made up called, ten second table teams. Each table gets 1 piece of paper and 1 box of crayons. They use their imaginations to create anything they want while the rest of the table counts to ten. At ten, the paper and crayons get passed and the next student adds onto the creation. This keeps rotating until I call time. We played this for 7 min. and they loved it. This is how they turned out.


I think for the next class I try this with, I will give them something to create together using their imaginations. For example: create an animal together- can look like anything you want. As they paper gets passed each student gets to add on their own idea.

I liked this project though because it got the creative juices flowing and they worked together at their tables in teams.

I also like this quick group project/ game because I am in the process of starting my pre-assessments and I can’t start teaching them the information because I need to have a baseline first…so this was a productive way to work before the assessments next week.


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