FALL Projects

We have been working hard in the art room to get our fall themed projects done. I recently bought a book called, ” Awesome Autumn,” that has great information relating to science and our lives, for kids. So, we have started reading that, and working on our projects more. Here are some examples of projects in progress.


All classes are reading this book and learning about autumn. They are all also learning or reviewing warm and cool colors as well as learning about texture.They all have been discussing their favorite things to do in fall with one another and then incorporating those things into their projects.

Days 1 and 2 of the cycle (Kindergarten and 1st grade) their Fall Leaf project: We went outside (when the weather was cooperative) collected leaves, talked about fall, traced the leaves, then continued to trace around and around until the whole paper was filled up. We colored the leaves in using warm colors and worked on how to use a crayon properly and the different kinds of techniques there are to coloring. Then I taught the students an art element: Texture (showing the way something feels). I had them feel sticks and leaves and describe how they felt, as they described I drew on the board what that might look like. Then they thought about their favorite things about fall, shared with a partner, and then used those favorite fall things to make textures in the loops around the leaves they traced. The students are doing a really good job taking their time and are having fun talking about what they like to do, eat, smell, and see during the autumn season.

Day 3 in the cycle are my second graders and they are working on finishing their fall themed still life drawings. We will be adding color this week, working on shadows and highlights. I have been encouraging them to practice drawing exactly what they see at home, and boy the difference a little practice makes! Some of them come in to art and re-work their drawings after they have been practicing, it is so great to see their observational skills getting better. 

Day 4 and 6 in the cycle are Kindergarten, First, and Second Graders. They are working on a Fall Tree Painting project. We looked at tree examples and compared all of them to one another to find the similarities and differences. The students drew their idea of the perfect fall tree and we are starting to paint them. We will be using both watercolor paint and tempera paint. Day 6 has started painting watercolor for their sky using the salt technique to give the sky a fun effect. 

Day 5 is two first grade classes. They are working on Fall Tree Sculptures using recycled materials. Scrap paper, scrap tissue paper, and paper towel rolls. 


My pictures are not uploading for some reason… I will try posting them later on today. Have a great week!



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