November Art Challenge

This month’s art challenge is posted on the wall next to my door. I don’t think  the back of my door got a lot of views, so I decided to move it in hopes that more students will participate. If anyone does the art challenge, what they hand in will be hung up in the hallway outside of my room for all to see! Here is this month’s challenges:


The Challenge says:

1. Draw what you are thankful for. Then write about why you are thankful about the object you drew.

2. Illustrate a scene where a person or animal is either in a room or outside. Draw a funny or scary shadow for them that is OPPOSITE of what they really are. For example if they are a small, shy animal (like the dog in the picture above) then maybe the shadow would be a big, huge, scary dog.

Be creative. Take your time. Think about what you are thankful for if you are choosing option 1 and why you are thankful. Be sure to spell check your writing and include it with your drawing when you hand it in.


-Characters in your drawings (at least 1)

-A Setting (Where does your picture take place)

-Be sure to visually tell us a story (what is happening)

-Use the Art Elements that we have learned so far (line, shape, color, and texture)

-ALWAYS sign your name!

-Oh, and HAVE FUN 🙂


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