Art Club Update

I have been trying to plan art club for the past month now, and have run into many planning issues. It seems to be that about 250 students want to join !! šŸ™‚ This puts the biggest smile on my face! My only issue is trying to figure out how to give all these students the extra art they want and deserve.

This is what I am scheming thus far: Each grade will get a for example: January would be Kindergarten’s month…they would come every Wednesday (just an example not the real day) and Friday. Then, in February, it would be First Grade’s turn. Then March would be 2nd Grade. Then it would repeat once more. If the numbers dwindle down then I will re- plan and re-attack the approach. Ā Depending on the number of students too, it may be that I break the groups into 2 or 3 different days…so there would be Group1 Kindergarten…Group2 Kindergarten…etc. And they each only go once a week. So, I will be sending a letter home, explaining art club, the details, and if you and your child decide it is what they want to do, then send the permission slip back in.


I will stress though, the importance of dedication when signing up. So, give it some real thought, take a look at the paper work that comes home and make the decision then.


As always your feedback and input are welcome on here as a comment or you can email me at !!


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