Miss. Eipp and the NYSATA Conference…and a tid bit on recycled goods

In November, I got to go to NYSATA (New York State Art Teachers Association) Conference. It was very overwhelming, but WONDERFUL. I got to discuss APPR and Core Curriculum with a bunch of other Art Teachers and get their perspectives on things. Then, I got to make some art, which is always awesome. I got lots and lots of free material samples to play with and best yet, I came home with hundreds of new ideas. It took me about a week to come down from overdrive mode from the over stimulation at the conference. All in all, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back! Here is a colleague of mine (Mrs. Impey- she is the K-6 Art Teacher at EK) and myself after we learned some techniques for slab ceramics for the little kiddos.

photo (63)

This reminds me…at the conference, I learned more fun ideas for recycled art projects…so keep the recycled goods coming! Especially: the cardboard holders from paper towels, cereal boxes, jars, bottle caps, plastic bottles, soup cans, etc. Please avoid anything that had peanuts or peanut butter though! Thank you!!



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