Onward March…

So, since our Fall projects have been done, we have taken a small ‘breather’ and did a quick, fun project. Kindergarten and 1st grade did a Crazy Hair Day Project after reading the book, Crazy Hair Day, by Barney Saltzberg. I taught the students what a portrait was, how to draw one ( a picture of a face), and then we gave the portraits crazy hair for fun. We then learned about pattern (which is one of our art elements), and we filled in the hair with pattern. They had a lot of fun with these projects and loved showing them off to one another about whose hair was crazier. The students ended up spending a great deal of time and care of these projects, so we ended up running out of time to finish them. Most of them will be sent home unfinished, but please allow finishing at home!

Second Grade was given a choice of doing the Crazy Hair Day project, or practice clay techniques using play dough. I’m sure you can guess what they chose! There were some 2nd graders that did the Crazy Hair Project, but for the most part they learned / reviewed pinch pots and coil pots. They looked at examples, watched my demonstration, and then practiced on their own with the play dough. The point of this is to get the students ready for when we start working in clay soon. With class times being so short, it will be nice to start right on our project instead of having to learn all of the techniques. Due to the time frame, any clay projects we do, have to be done in one class period.

Just about all of the classes have learned and practice how to draw a portrait, so keep practicing at home the proper way! No ‘smiley face drawings’.


While i’m at it…I thought I would share some of my ideas about upcoming projects…I welcome feedback and comments 🙂 Also, if you want me to further explain what a project is..just ask !!


Up Coming Project Ideas: ( I stress that these are ideas and a track for me to follow, but things will change i’m sure!)

Kindergarten: Klimt Portrait Quilts, Clay Magnets, Birch Tree Paintings, paper collage monsters/ animals.

First Grade: Cloud with a Chance of Meatballs (weather predictions, compare/contrast movie to book…LOTS OF ELA 🙂 ), Indian Dhurrie Rugs (intro to color theory), Teddy Bear Chairs, Symmetrical Staff.

Second Grade: Color Theory Unit (may be the only thing for the rest of the year) Various activities with this unit though: personal color wheel/ science experiment/ color hand shake, Folk Art Personal Winter Landscapes, Collaborative Quilled Quilts, Clay Checkerboards, Recycled Head Sculptures.


We also need to fit in making advertisement pieces for the author visit, as well as the Square 1 project.


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