My Hometown is…

Mrs. Chambers shared this with me via Twitter.  Teenagers across America are photographing their communities…What a great idea ! Whose in to try this out with me?


Go to the website to see more examples. I am going to do a photography challenge…if you want to join me- comment here and let me know. We are going for capturing the essence of our hometowns. In one picture…how could you sum up what “Potsdam” is to you, what it stands for….or wherever your hometown is? You will want to think of what the town is known for…what symbolizes it…what represents it…the heart of it…


Rembrandt: Beyond the Brush

What an opportunity we have! Check it out! I will also be trying to set up a field trip to take some of my classes! There are lectures on Wednesday, September 25, 5:30pm; Tuesday, October 8, 5:30pm; and Tuesday, October 29, 5:30pm

Sketch #2 “Are you smellin’ what i’m steppin’ in?”

**Developed because Miss Eipp continually says strange things like: “Are you pickin’ up what i’m puttin’ down?” and “Are you smellin’ what i’m steppin’ in?” Enjoy!


Advanced Studio: In your material of choice (should be your concentrated media) interpret this either literally or in your own way: a pair of shoes that symbolize you that have either stepped in something descriptive of the places you have been to, the places you are going, the place you want to go. This should be a kind of symbolic self-portrait. Be creative and have fun with it! Be sure to put this in your sourcebook and create an artist statement to accompany your art on a separate page. If you work 3D, take pictures of your work and put into your sourcebook.


Drawing and Painting: In your style, draw, with the materials of your choice, a pair of shoes that represent you. You can do an observational drawing for the background or create your own background in order to reflect you interests, personality, and likes. The drawing of the shoes should be from observation. Focus on your composition. This should be a symbolic self-portrait. Be sure to put this in your sourcebook and to create an artist statement to accompany your drawing on a separate page.


Studio Art: Pick your favorite pair of shoes and draw them from REAL LIFE (observational drawing). Push yourself to use all of the elements, especially value! Your shoes should take up the majority of your paper in your sourcebook. Critique your own work, using the 4 steps discussed in class, on the page behind your sketch. Remember to put in as much effort as possible and to look at what you are drawing!


Photography 1: Capture the places you walk, run, jog, skip, tip-toe, dance, etc. that go unnoticed- rather than focus on what is ahead while you are doing those things (like walk, jog, dance) look down and see what you are standing on or near. You may be surprised at what we walk on, in, around, and near. Think about showing the path you are on, have been, and are going to…can you incorporate this in your photos at all? Focus on your composition and elements of art. Be creative- try not to just take snap shots-try to work with a purpose-maybe you have to set up your composition.


Graphic Design: Sell a smell! Pick out a small- can be anything you want to make an advertisement for. You are trying to get consumers to buy your product. Try to come up with a catchy phrase and well done design for your advertisement. You can create this by hand or on the computer, all work needs to be put in your sourcebook. PERFUME IS OFF LIMITS: think outside the box and challenge yourself. Keep it appropriate.

Photo from:

 photo from:





Alan Tuttle’s Domiciles Project in the Montpelier Gallery next week!

The Ogdensburg City School District Art Department is thrilled to be hosting Alan Tuttle’s Domiciles Project in the Montpelier Gallery next week.  Alan will be in residence at OFA,  working with our English and Art students during the school days on September 25, 26, and 27.  On Thursday, September 26th, we invite everyone to view the exhibit from 6 – 8 pm in the Montpelier Gallery at OFA. This show is for high school students and college students.

“You Are What You Eat” Student Work

Here are some of the examples of the student work that was handed in for the sketch assignment “You Are What You Eat”

You can refer to the assignments as they pertained to each class in the earlier blog post “You Are What You Eat” Weekly Sketch 1


Photo by Shelby Kelley, 10th Grade, Photo 1

Photo By Amanda Dillon        SONY DSC

Photo by Amanda Dillon, 12th Grade, Advanced Studio


Illustration by Cassidy Easton, 10th Grade, Graphic Design

emily2  emily

Photos by Emily Wanamaker, 11th Grade, Independent Photography


Illustration by Jon Waters, 12th Grade, Graphic Design


Photo by Catherine Brownell, 12th Grade, Advanced Studio

emily1 Emilyb

Sketches by Emily Theobald, 10th Grade, Drawing and Painting


Sketch by Jillian Todd, 9th Grade, Studio Art


Sketch by Kelsey Sixberry, 12th Grade, Drawing and Painting/ Advanced Studio/ Graphic Design


Sketch by Morgan Hooper, 12th Grade, Advanced Studio/ Drawing and Painting


Sketch by Sierra Damon, 10th Grade, Drawing and Painting


Sketch by Brittany Fullerton, 12th Grade, Graphic Design


Illustration by Elijah Adams, 12th Grade, Graphic Design/ Advanced Studio

Marie Marie2

Sketches by Marie Amell, 11th Grade, Graphic Design


Sketch by Nathan Gingrich, 12th Grade, Graphic Design

Project Number 1

Photography 1: “Capture the Elements”  Taking what you have learned/ reviewed about the Elements of art/ design; capture photographs that speak to these qualities literally or use them well in your photographs of open-ended subject matter. You can interpret “Capture the Elements” as you wish- but you should be portraying the elements of art/ design along with your interpretation.  You will need to present 5-10 images (5 being the minimum number of images I will accept). Be prepared before the critique with your PowerPoint presentation. Print off your PowerPoint and put in your sourcebook with reflections from critique.


Studio Art: “Your Ideal Landscape”  Create an original composition that depicts your ideal landscape. What do you want it to say about you, an experience that you had, or a memory that you want to communicate visually. Be sure to think about the elements of art while you are creating. Planning, sketching, and a color study need to be done before starting on your painting. Document your process/ progress in your sourcebook with pictures and reflections.


Drawing and Painting: “Dive into Your Style” I will be introducing / reviewing charcoal for this first drawing assignment, but you will be deciding which material will be best for your project idea (working at a proficient level). You will use this to develop your first project- you can interpret “Dive into Your Style” literally and show us your style in a breadth piece or you will use this to try out your first concentration piece. This class has many different levels- I will be starting at  basic level and working up to proficient and then to mastery to make sure I meet all of your needs. You will need to participate in the charcoal exploring in your sourcebook with examples and reflections. Document your progress/ process in your sourcebook with pictures and reflections!


Advanced Studio: “Dive into your Style” You will be trying out your theme/ concentration with this project. Be sure to have a planning page in your sourcebook, be sure to have 1 interview a class with me about your material usage (basic-masterful) and to discuss your concentration and how you are conveying your theme in your project. Document your process / progress in your sourcebook with pictures and reflections!


Graphic Design: “Build Your Name” Using your ‘business’ you will create your name (design, font, color scheme) and logo (symbol, picture, design, composition, layout). Start off in your sourcebook drawing/ sketching/ reflecting and then we will move onto Illustrator/ Photoshop. You will need to have 3-4 different versions of your logo. Document process/ progress in your sourcebook via sketches, pictures, and print outs. Reflect.


**All students will assess how well they think they are going to do on their project. Take into consideration your time, effort, abilities, and overall classroom responsibility and participation. Rubrics will be made available for you to see how you will be graded/ what is expected of you.


Mid-way critiques are scheduled for next week, but will be adjusted for each individuals classes needs.

You are what you eat…weekly assignment 1

This weeks sketch theme: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”

Sketch Assignment Due Monday (September 16, 2013)

Studio Art: Draw from real life, your favorite food, or a food that represents you somehow. Like the saying “You are what you eat,” what could you draw to represent yourself. This should be an observational drawing from life (looking and drawing). Keep the elements of art in mind while drawing- how many elements were you able to use? Enjoy!

Photo1: Take pictures of food from an interesting focal point/ perspective. Focus on your lighting, composition, and think of the elements of art. The items of food that you pick to photograph should represent you somehow. Have fun, don’t forget to get high and low.

Advanced Studio: There will need to be 2-3 drawings incorporated for this assignment: In your medium of choice, create a hybrid food (combining two or more foods). The foods should represent you somehow. What would these foods look like combined? What are your reasons for combining these foods? Please create the appropriate packaging for your hybrid food. You should have drawings of the original foods (from observation) and then you will create the hybrid food (from both observation and imagination). Have fun with this!

Graphic Design: 1. Pick your favorite food and re-design the logo. Explain your choices and decisions for the logo. Needs to be original and high quality. 2. Create a hybrid food and design the appropriate label and packaging that it would need…including a name! Have fun!

Drawing and Painting:There will need to be 2-3 drawings incorporated for this assignment: Create a hybrid food (combining two or more foods). The foods should represent you somehow. What would these foods look like combined? What are your reasons for combining these foods? Please create the appropriate packaging for your hybrid food. You should have drawings of the original foods (from observation) and then you will create the hybrid food (from both observation and imagination). Have fun with this!

Painting by Vic Vicini

Painting by Wayne Thiebaud

Painting by Pamela Michelle Johnson

Artist Unknown

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