Project Number 1

Photography 1: “Capture the Elements”  Taking what you have learned/ reviewed about the Elements of art/ design; capture photographs that speak to these qualities literally or use them well in your photographs of open-ended subject matter. You can interpret “Capture the Elements” as you wish- but you should be portraying the elements of art/ design along with your interpretation.  You will need to present 5-10 images (5 being the minimum number of images I will accept). Be prepared before the critique with your PowerPoint presentation. Print off your PowerPoint and put in your sourcebook with reflections from critique.


Studio Art: “Your Ideal Landscape”  Create an original composition that depicts your ideal landscape. What do you want it to say about you, an experience that you had, or a memory that you want to communicate visually. Be sure to think about the elements of art while you are creating. Planning, sketching, and a color study need to be done before starting on your painting. Document your process/ progress in your sourcebook with pictures and reflections.


Drawing and Painting: “Dive into Your Style” I will be introducing / reviewing charcoal for this first drawing assignment, but you will be deciding which material will be best for your project idea (working at a proficient level). You will use this to develop your first project- you can interpret “Dive into Your Style” literally and show us your style in a breadth piece or you will use this to try out your first concentration piece. This class has many different levels- I will be starting at  basic level and working up to proficient and then to mastery to make sure I meet all of your needs. You will need to participate in the charcoal exploring in your sourcebook with examples and reflections. Document your progress/ process in your sourcebook with pictures and reflections!


Advanced Studio: “Dive into your Style” You will be trying out your theme/ concentration with this project. Be sure to have a planning page in your sourcebook, be sure to have 1 interview a class with me about your material usage (basic-masterful) and to discuss your concentration and how you are conveying your theme in your project. Document your process / progress in your sourcebook with pictures and reflections!


Graphic Design: “Build Your Name” Using your ‘business’ you will create your name (design, font, color scheme) and logo (symbol, picture, design, composition, layout). Start off in your sourcebook drawing/ sketching/ reflecting and then we will move onto Illustrator/ Photoshop. You will need to have 3-4 different versions of your logo. Document process/ progress in your sourcebook via sketches, pictures, and print outs. Reflect.


**All students will assess how well they think they are going to do on their project. Take into consideration your time, effort, abilities, and overall classroom responsibility and participation. Rubrics will be made available for you to see how you will be graded/ what is expected of you.


Mid-way critiques are scheduled for next week, but will be adjusted for each individuals classes needs.


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