“You Are What You Eat” Student Work

Here are some of the examples of the student work that was handed in for the sketch assignment “You Are What You Eat”

You can refer to the assignments as they pertained to each class in the earlier blog post “You Are What You Eat” Weekly Sketch 1


Photo by Shelby Kelley, 10th Grade, Photo 1

Photo By Amanda Dillon        SONY DSC

Photo by Amanda Dillon, 12th Grade, Advanced Studio


Illustration by Cassidy Easton, 10th Grade, Graphic Design

emily2  emily

Photos by Emily Wanamaker, 11th Grade, Independent Photography


Illustration by Jon Waters, 12th Grade, Graphic Design


Photo by Catherine Brownell, 12th Grade, Advanced Studio

emily1 Emilyb

Sketches by Emily Theobald, 10th Grade, Drawing and Painting


Sketch by Jillian Todd, 9th Grade, Studio Art


Sketch by Kelsey Sixberry, 12th Grade, Drawing and Painting/ Advanced Studio/ Graphic Design


Sketch by Morgan Hooper, 12th Grade, Advanced Studio/ Drawing and Painting


Sketch by Sierra Damon, 10th Grade, Drawing and Painting


Sketch by Brittany Fullerton, 12th Grade, Graphic Design


Illustration by Elijah Adams, 12th Grade, Graphic Design/ Advanced Studio

Marie Marie2

Sketches by Marie Amell, 11th Grade, Graphic Design


Sketch by Nathan Gingrich, 12th Grade, Graphic Design


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