Mini Presentation ..What’s your cup of tea?

For all classes, except photo and graphic design.

With a partner, you need to spend about 10-20 minutes researching an artist you both are interested in. Please prepare either a PowerPoint presentation or a display in your sourcebook. If you create a PowerPoint presentation, print it out (multiple slides per page) and put into your sourcebook.

In your presentation be sure to include: Examples of artist’s work, information and brief bio of artist ( the style and “ism” the artist worked/ works in or with), the media/ materials used, what was going on during the time period this artist was working in? Did the events of that time affect the artists work? Lastly, include one interesting fact! Try to connect this artist to your life- why do you think you are interested in this artist? How does this artwork affect you? Does this art influence your work at all?

Salvador Dali

Ansel Adams

Georgia O’Keeffe


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