“If we don’t have a sense of humor, we lack a sense of perspective.”

Happy Birthday to Wayne Thiebaud (tomorrow, November 15, he will be 93 years old!)




Quote of the week

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” -Scott Adams, 1957, American Cartoonist (Dilbert)

Sketch #6 Tension

Sketch #6 Tension

Due Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Studio / Drawing&Painting:

This week’s sketch needs to embody the term tension. Please look up this word and define it for yourself. You can illustrate this literally or figuratively. (WORK AT YOUR LEVEL or beyond- push yourself!)

  • Draw from life (the more you look and draw the better your sketch will be- if you are creating your own composition- draw each piece of the composition from life- as they may not be in front of you at the same time)
  • Take up the entire page
  • Create an interesting focal point, perspective,  and view for us to see (make it interesting, not boring!)
  • Complete a full value range using some techniques you learned this week in class.
  • Enhance the texture using value
  • Think about how your work is being interpreted
  • The definition with a source should be in your sourcebook on the back of your sketch
  • Write a small artist statement explaining your work


Graphic Design:

Look up the word tension and define it for yourself. Put this in your sourcebook with the source. You can illustrate this literally or figuratively.

  • Your sketch should be done on the computer
  • You should not use any imagery that is not your own (take your own pictures if necessary or draw your own illustrations)
  • The design problem: I am the owner of a huge rubber band company- we need a new look.  A look that makes rubber bands exciting and fresh. I’m not sure what I am looking for though, I am looking to you for some sample products. Please design me some samples of what the rubber bands could look like and what an ad for them might be.


Look up the word tension and define it for yourself. Put this in your sourcebook with the source. You can photograph this literally or figuratively.

  • With your interpretation of the word tension, take interesting photographs that push composition, view point, texture, and contrast.
  • Must present 5 photos or more. (Does not necessarily mean you have to have 5 different types of tension- maybe just five different view points, or two different subjects with different view points, etc.)
  • Be creative with this and problem-solve how to create an artistic photograph of tension (using any of its meanings).
  • You may need to set up a still life.
  • Make sure your pictures are crisp and in focus where the focal point is supposed to be.

Advanced Studio:

Follow the directions under which material you are working with.

Dive Into Your Style



Kelsey Sixberry’s (Class of 2014) Dive Into Your Style project. Kelsey is exploring her style. The photo of this picture doesn’t do it justice! Be sure to come see this one at the Scholastic Art Competition this winter!

Selfie Student Work


Advertisement by Nathan Gingrich, Class of 2014 completed for the “Selfie” assignment for Graphic Design


School Landscape Garden


Today, my Advanced Studio class took a quick field trip to Mrs. Lomastro’s house to see her landscape garden. We are partnering with Mrs. Lomastro, the Green House class, and the community to develop a landscape garden at the high school. This will be a place for collaboration, displaying of work, creating and growing, reflection, etc. We are in the beginning steps now of developing our ideas and visually brainstorming what this space could look like. Please support this cause when the time comes; it is a great opportunity for our students!



Dive Into Your Style

We are wrapping up the “Dive Into Your Style” Projects from the Drawing/ Painting and Advanced Studio classes. I will be posting the student’s work periodically.

The following photos are by Michael Hobbs (all photos copyright Michael Hobbs 2013 Do not copy)

Michael Hobbs





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