Scholastic Art Competition

It’s that time of year again! Last year was very successful and we are looking forward to coming home with some recognition. Students that submit to work need to have original ideas, technical skill, and expression in their work. More information can be found on the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition website:


Good luck kiddos!


Sheetrock Carving!

Here is a link to the blog of the art educator that taught my sheetrock carving workshop at the NYSATA conference. For those of you that are currently working on this project or are interested in trying it out, here are more examples:

Weekly Sketch: Submerged

sub·merge: To completely cover
For all classes: Please adapt this to your area of study.
WARNING: Please DO NOT submerge yourself under water or any other  being or thing that breathes. Be safe and take all necessary safety precautions. If you are unsure of what this means- talk to me about an idea first!
I have been opening sketch prompts up to students that have done extremely well on theirs and have had them done every time. This week’s idea was brought to me by one of these students.
Please interpret the meaning of submerge- not necessary that water is used. Draw, photograph, sculpt, or design your interpretation.
Again, please be safe. Discuss your ideas with me if you have to question the nature of your idea.
This sketch is DUE: Monday, December 16, 2013
Incorporate texture, details, value, and an interesting composition.

Better late than never! (Crumpled paper/ subject: white weekly assignment)

This is very late being posted- but you all have known about it and discussed in class, reminded of when it is due- so there are no excuses about not having it done 🙂


This is due Monday, December 9th

Drawing and Painting, Advanced Studio, Studio, Photography: (NO GRAPHIC DESIGN THIS WEEK)

If you are drawing: Crumple up anything that is ‘ok’ to crumple. Don’t ruin anything valuable or not your own personal property. Draw this item crumpled. Try to not use any lines, only value. Push your contrast. Note where your light source is coming from.

If you are taking photographs: Your subject is the color/ value: white. Keep in mind that white is the most reflective- watch your lighting and perspective. You will need to work hard to create an interesting, creative, and artistic photograph.