Better late than never! (Crumpled paper/ subject: white weekly assignment)

This is very late being posted- but you all have known about it and discussed in class, reminded of when it is due- so there are no excuses about not having it done šŸ™‚


This is due Monday, December 9th

Drawing and Painting, Advanced Studio, Studio, Photography: (NO GRAPHIC DESIGN THIS WEEK)

If you are drawing: Crumple up anything that is ‘ok’ to crumple. Don’t ruin anything valuable or not your own personal property. Draw this item crumpled. Try to not use any lines, only value. Push your contrast. Note where your light source is coming from.

If you are taking photographs: Your subject is the color/ value: white. Keep in mind that white is the most reflective- watch your lighting and perspective. You will need to work hard to create an interesting, creative, and artistic photograph.


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