Art Advocacy!

It is that time of year to start letting students know what courses are being offered next year and to talk about what is best to take. Here is what I will be sharing with 8th-11th grade students this week (click on the link below):

Sign Up for Art

Art truly helps children develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, motor-skill development, concentration and patience, communication, learn vocabulary that helps critique all forms of aesthetics (what you pick out to wear, what you pick out to buy at the grocery store, what movie you want to see, what places you want to visit, etc.)

Art also helps develop necessary social skills and working environments that apply to today’s job world. Art is involved in almost any job field.

So this year, don’t immediately dismiss art, because you don’t want a job creating things (because in most jobs you will be creating something!) Skills acquired in the art room will help you in any job field. (Just a heads up! A lot of corporations are looking to hire creative people to help them problem-solve and invent new and fresh ideas.)

See Miss Eipp if you want to discuss more about if art is a good choice for you or not.






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