Imitation is Flattery by Emily Wanamaker


Attached, you will find three PowerPoint presentations done by Emily Wanamaker, Class of 2015. Emily is currently in Independent Study for Photography. I compiled a list of projects for Emily to complete independently. As a photographer and artist myself, I don’t care for deadlines. Inspiration hits you when it hits you and motivation comes in waves. Emily has been working hard on this assignment for some time now, working through inspiration, studio problems, lighting, and subject matter. I think the hard-work and dedication paid off.  I absolutely love these photos! Emily stayed true to her style while being inspired by three different photographers (Edward Weston, Zeke Berman, and Hiroshi Sujimoto). Emily gives all three photographers credit for their inspiration in helping her create these magnificent images.

Imitation is Flattery Edward Weston Emily Wanamaker

Imitation Is Flattery Zeke Berman Emily Wanamaker

Imitation Is FlatteryHiroshi Sujimoto Emily Wanamaker

All photos are copyright Emily Wanamaker 2014 Do not copy, alter, or edit.

emily 3




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