Photography Class

Please bring your camera to class EVERYDAY!

Continue brainstorming for our next assignment, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”

A great place to start is on the school’s library database under search for success- opposing viewpoints.

You can also use the poem template given out during class.


Studio Classes

Studio Art is starting their clay unit. Please remember to bring in a plastic bag! Don’t wear your best clothes.


Start brainstorming what you want your clay vessel to be about. This needs to be an original idea- you cannot copy what has already been done. To get ideas to fuel your project- go to the school’s library database- search for success- opposing viewpoints. Your opinion and take on a Political or Social issue / current events make for great projects. Problem-solve how to turn that idea into a project. How will you visually communicate your opinion/ idea? Which vessel will best suit your needs?


You will begin researching tomorrow during class. Your presentations will be due on Wednesday, March 5th. (Assignment guidelines will be available in class tomorrow)


P.S. Don’t forget about your sketch due MONDAY

**Refer to the Still Life Sketch Assignment if you do not remember what it is**

Prints Matter: Local Art Show

Inline image 1
This is a print show representing the traditional methods of printmaking:  Intaglio, Lithography, Silkscreen, and Relief.
It opens March 7th from 7pm-9pm
The closing will be March 28th from 7pm-9pm
Exhibiting will be Danielle Johns, Nathaniel L. Infante, Lani Shapton,
Reece Farness, Alex Rumsey, Ryan Rumsey, Nathan Feller, Sang Eun Lee, and Erich Neitzke.

Graphic Design Sketches

Again, due to allowing maximum time and effort to complete text projects (because of the tedious nature of this assignment), I have not assigned actual sketches to this class. Starting Monday the last two sketches are officially assigned.

Please complete BOTH sketches by Friday, March 7. Refer to the original posts on the blog to read about the assignment.

The sketches due are:

1. Corner of a room sketch (Perspective)

2. Still Life sketch 

Graphic Design Mini Assignment

For this mini assignment, you are to create your own original character. You are to use Adobe Illustrator only. Work on your skills using the pen tool, brush tool and adjusting anchor points as needed. Use the fill bucket and paintbrush tool to color your character in. Be sure to add highlights, shadows, textures, etc.

You are to create a story line for your character (what is the game, book, magazine this character comes from) Give us a quick bio of the character(s). You are to create a minimum of one character. Feel free to create as many as you would like.

Adding a composition/ background is a great idea, but not mandatory. If you add a background, think about perspective. Try to create the illusion of depth.

A glance at the week ahead and STILL LIFE SKETCH

This week, the majority of classes will be getting caught up on their presentations (drawing/painting, photo, and advanced studio) so be prepared!

Studio will be finishing up last minute touches to their self-portraits and working on proper art critique. We will also start our clay unit.

Artistic Congress will meet on Thursday this week, with open studio days: Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be deciding what art to hang in the library- so please attend if you want your opinion to count. 

Graphic Design will be finishing up their Text Projects this week. I will bring in a printed example to show how these projects should be handed in- please see your assignment handout.

New Sketch:

Drawing/Painting, Studio, Advanced Studio, Graphic Design: Practice drawing a still life. You  need to include at least 3 different objects. Use a strong light source from one direction (it should be obvious in your drawing). Focus on value, form, texture, perspective, and composition.

Photography: You should practice still life photography. Setting up different objects, adjusting your light source. Think about your background/ back drop. Think about your composition/ perspective. Where is the focal point?

This sketch will be due Monday, March 3rd. 

**Checking the blog bonus**

On the back of your weekly sketch, include the requirements with a check mark for what you completed. This will earn you 5 extra points towards your sketch grade. 

Drawing and Painting & Advanced Studio

We will start research presentations TODAY. Please be prepared for the day you signed up. Make sure that your presentation is professional, you take your choice of outfit into consideration, and you followed all guidelines on your handout. 


Drawing and Painting: 

Wednesday 2/12: Emily, Rebecca, Mo

Thursday 2/13: Gwen, Kelsey, Sierra, Ashley, Haley

Friday 2/14: Mary Kate, Holly, Morgan, Dave


Advanced Studio:

Tuesday 2/11: Amanda, Catherine, Cara

Wednesday 2/12: Maddie, Grace, Mo, Sam

Thursday 2/13: Shannon, Taylor, Jordan, Mike

Friday 2/14: Marissa, Jake, Elijah, Morgan

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