This week’s sketch: Perspective

I have extended the due date for this sketch assignment until Wednesday, February 12th. Due to the amount of time given to work on this, I expect this sketch to be high quality- anything under my expectations and what you are capable of will be a re-do.


For this week’s sketch, all classes except for photo will do the following: 

You are to draw the corner of your favorite space. You can pick something outside or inside, and be creative with what the corner of that space is, but you must draw from life! No drawing from pictures! (If your favorite place is not here where you can draw it from life, then you can do 2 sketches- one drawing the corner of a room from life and the other from the picture).

  • Be sure to focus on 1 or 2 point perspective, whichever is necessary.
  • Details in texture, value, and composition
  • Fill up your entire paper
  • Put in effort and time! Do not wait until the last minute to complete this.


For photography students:

Your weekly photo assignment is to take a picture of the corner of your favorite space (zoomed out) in full view. You will then take detail pictures from interesting perspectives an viewpoints. Using Adobe Photoshop, or the editing software of your choice, you will cut out the detail pictures and ‘place’ them on the full view picture. Please reference photo montage artists like David Hockney if necessary.

You are re-creating the corner of the room with your details, so feel free to add your style and use the warp, transform, adjustment, and filter tools to make a Surreal Composition.

If you do not understand how to create one image from multiples (layering and placing techniques) then you need to see me for a short tutorial. Not being prepared the day this is due because you ‘didn’t know how to do it,’ will not be accepted.


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