A glance at the week ahead and STILL LIFE SKETCH

This week, the majority of classes will be getting caught up on their presentations (drawing/painting, photo, and advanced studio) so be prepared!

Studio will be finishing up last minute touches to their self-portraits and working on proper art critique. We will also start our clay unit.

Artistic Congress will meet on Thursday this week, with open studio days: Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be deciding what art to hang in the library- so please attend if you want your opinion to count. 

Graphic Design will be finishing up their Text Projects this week. I will bring in a printed example to show how these projects should be handed in- please see your assignment handout.

New Sketch:

Drawing/Painting, Studio, Advanced Studio, Graphic Design: Practice drawing a still life. You  need to include at least 3 different objects. Use a strong light source from one direction (it should be obvious in your drawing). Focus on value, form, texture, perspective, and composition.

Photography: You should practice still life photography. Setting up different objects, adjusting your light source. Think about your background/ back drop. Think about your composition/ perspective. Where is the focal point?

This sketch will be due Monday, March 3rd. 

**Checking the blog bonus**

On the back of your weekly sketch, include the requirements with a check mark for what you completed. This will earn you 5 extra points towards your sketch grade. 


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