Studio Classes

Studio Art is starting their clay unit. Please remember to bring in a plastic bag! Don’t wear your best clothes.


Start brainstorming what you want your clay vessel to be about. This needs to be an original idea- you cannot copy what has already been done. To get ideas to fuel your project- go to the school’s library database- search for success- opposing viewpoints. Your opinion and take on a Political or Social issue / current events make for great projects. Problem-solve how to turn that idea into a project. How will you visually communicate your opinion/ idea? Which vessel will best suit your needs?


You will begin researching tomorrow during class. Your presentations will be due on Wednesday, March 5th. (Assignment guidelines will be available in class tomorrow)


P.S. Don’t forget about your sketch due MONDAY

**Refer to the Still Life Sketch Assignment if you do not remember what it is**


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