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St. Lawrence Arts Council



Check out the classes being offered!! Great opportunity!

Taking Advantage of Time…

Now that the Art Show is scheduled (Opening May 23) we need to keep on task in and outside of class. Please take advantage of open studio days (typically Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays). You are welcome to come in during studyhalls if your other work is done.


I will start to hold review times during open studio if anyone wants to go over artists, art movements, elements and principles, material usage and knowledge, etc.


Keep up your daily goals and keep yourself on task. We are on our way to having a fantastic Art Show…just want to make sure we have full bodies of work to display!!

Quarter 3 ends soon…

The end of Quarter 3 is approaching fast. I will take work up until Thursday, April 3rd. Please be sure to check schooltool to see if you owe any sketches.


Drawing/Painting and Advanced Studio make sure you have a breadth project and I would like to see your Concentration #3 and #4 projects.


Graphic Design: Remember that you are responsible for printing your text project professionally. I will print your propaganda posters.



Create your own character sketch

For this week’s sketch, you will be creating your own character. DO NOT copy anything manga, anime, or any other characters “out there”. Your character should not remind anyone of anything else seen before. There are a TON of characters created for the public to see, so this is going to be difficult because you have so many influences coming at you and images stuck on your mind.

Take pride in creating something original, have fun! I want you to use the figure (the human body) as a guide so that your drawing is proportionately correct- you will need to look at someone else or yourself in the mirror in order to do this. If you choose to exaggerate the figure, you must first show me that you were practicing the correct way first, then purposefully exaggerate…don’t just draw poorly and call it purposeful.

Really reflect on your style. Start by writing out words that summarize your work or the way you work. Look back through your sourcebook, see if anything stands out as your “signature” – maybe the way you use color, the way use texture, the way your organize space, etc. Think about the outfit your character is wearing…the way your character wears their hair…what could all of this say about your character? How would it visually communicate¬†to your viewers? Try to put your own style into your character after you have drawn it correctly. The term character does not mean this sketch should be a cartoon. A character can be a person from a story, a movie, a band, a show, a book, etc.


Think about visually showing your personality maybe…this could be a self-portrait of sorts…


This sketch will be due Tuesday, April 1…no fooling ūüôā¬†


**Please draw your character out…use color, value, texture, space, etc. to complete your drawing. I am looking for effort and quality as always. Do not wait until the last minute- take full advantage of the week given.¬†

BLOG BONUS– Look up what gesture drawing means…write the definition in your sourcebook and add this to your character for extra points.¬†



Community Photo Contest

Please go to Potsdam High School Facebook Page to enter

The sun rise has been gorgeous the past couple mornings and we got inspired! The Photography class would like to hold a photo contest for the community. Please submit your best photos to the comment part of this post or by messaging to enter our contest!

The winner’s photo will be displayed as our Cover Photo for one week. The winner will also have a print of their photograph featured at our Annual Art Show in May/ June.

**All submissions must be school appropriate**

The Winning Criteria:
-Photo must possess the essence of Potsdam
-Photo must evoke mood or emotion via use of light
-Photo must make us feel warm and sunny (to help get through this last cold spell  ) **optional**
-Overall aesthetics and composition will be considered

Best of luck! The winner will be picked on Monday, March 31 by the high school photography class.

Capturing Movement…Sketch Due Monday, March 24th

For this week’s sketch assignment, you are to capture movement. Really focus on your style, your observation skills, and your visual communication. Color may or may not be a part of this sketch. I look forward to seeing how you problem-solve this assignment. Please be sure to utilize your entire page. (Keep the elements and principles in mind)


Really dedicate time into 1. thinking about what you are going to capture, and 2. actually putting in effort and time to produce quality work.


Anything cliche will no longer be acceptable. Be creative- push your ideas- like we have talked about in class. Take pride in creating something original.

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