Graphic Design: Text Project

The Graphic Design class is just finishing up their text projects. The students started out by taking their own photograph of anything that interested them. They used Photoshop to turn their photo to gray scale and then the posterize adjustment to limit the value palette to 3-4. Some students chose more, some chose less depending on their motivation, interest, and capabilities.

The students then used text to recreate the image. They used the posterized version of their photo as a guide, which eventually was deleted. Students used various tools and elements to create depth and form in their pictures (warp, different font, value, etc.) Here is one example of the steps and final product, and a second example of a final product.




20140121_125932 (1)


flower-done Text Project by Nathan Gingrich



Maia Text project by Cassidy Easton


Please do not copy or use as your own. Copyright 2014 Cassidy Easton and Nathan Gingrich


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