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Awesome job Gaetan Foisy on your progression with pottery! Gaetan has been working hard on centering clay and is just about there!


All students interested in pottery- please take advantage of after school, open-studio times! We only have one wheel, so you need to be self-motivated to get in here and try it out! Pottery takes a lot of patience and practice. You can also take classes through the St. Lawrence Arts Council http://slcartscouncil.org/?tribe_events_cat=slc-arts-events (The next pottery class starts April 23)


Studio Art

This is your last week to finish building your clay project. Please come in after school, if need be, to complete project! If your other work is done, you can come in during studyhalls too!


A look ahead:

After break, we will be finishing your, “I Am From” poem illustrations, doing a still life project, and doing a culinary arts unit that includes photography.


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How to photograph “Smelly”

Photography students: don’t forget about your mini-assignment! You were to pick a verb or adjective and photograph its characteristics in sixteen different photographs. Think about personifying the word you picked, as well as thinking about the abstract meaning.


We will look at these the Friday after Spring Break.


Don’t forget to TAKE PICTURES…you can never take too many! Take advantage of the digital age…click, click, click….let’s see what you can capture over break!

Mike Dietz…Illustrator and Animator

Image Copyright Mike Dietz (Borrowed from his website for Educational purposes)



Dietz is an interesting artist that is very relevant to today’s culture.  Dietz started his art career at Syracuse University! Check out his website:




Artistic Congress will be selling hand-painted, mini works of art bookmarks the week we get back from break. Sign-up with Ms. Eipp if you can work the table! Think about purchasing a bookmark for yourself or as a gift (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner)….$5 a bookmark. Support Artistic Congress!!

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