“THIS IS NOT A BOOK,” by Keri Smith

Looking for something to fill your free time or get your brain thinking outside of the box? Check out this book. I have recommended it to my classes. If you are one of my students that has this book. I would like you to work on pages 7, 73, 124, and 128. As always, keep it school appropriate and have fun.


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2014 Remington Arts Festival Student Art Competition and Exhibit

The 2014 Remington Arts Festival Student Art Competition and Exhibit was held this past week at TAUNY, 2 West Main Street, Canton, New York. This event was part of the 13th Annual Remington Arts Festival. The Student Art Competition and Exhibition was open to any student K-12th grade. The Student Art Competition and Exhibit theme for 2014 was “Artist’s Choice” and the festival motto was “Canton’s Celebration of Arts Excellence in the North Country.”

Potsdam Central School District was excited to participate in this art competition and student exhibit. The show will be on display until October 9, 2014. Participants from Potsdam include Jonah Trejos, 4th grade, who was chosen to submit work and won the First Place Elementary Collage Award. From 6th grade, Elliot Donnelly, Savannah Walker, Shawna Cummings, and Hayden Ashley. From 7th grade, Seirra Cummings, Andrew Davidson, and Sylvain Foisy were selected to display their work. Sylvain Foisy won the First Place Middle School Award for Sculpture. From our 10th grade, Aaron Besaw, M.J. Plastino, Rory Sixberry, and Jillian Todd submitted work to the competition. Jillian Todd won the First Place High School Sculpture Award. Emily Theobald, 11th grade, won the First Place High School Miscellaneous Award for her work titled, “Henna Girl.” We had a great senior selection submitted by Sierra Damon, Gwen Deuel, Carl Hayes, Sam Lee, and Breanne Sapp.

You can see the student’s work on display upstairs at TAUNY in Canton during regular business hours. We would like to thank the sponsors of the 2014 Remington Art Festival Student Art Competition and Exhibit: Grasse River Heritage, Canton Area Zonta Club, TAUNY, Remington Arts Festival Committee, SLC Arts Council and the Haley-Nichols Fund. The Potsdam Art Department would also like to thank Linda Fay for her work in organizing this show so the Region can come together and support the arts!


Remington Arts Festival Update

Congratulations to Jillian Todd and Emily Theobald for their awards in the Remington Arts Festival student art exhibition. Pictures to come soon! The exhibit will be on display until October 9, 2014. You can go see the show at TAUNY, in Canton during their regular business hours.

Weekly Sketch Assignment

Weekly Assignment 3

Due Monday, October 6, 2014


Photography: Incorporating the elements discussed and practiced in class, photograph, in your own interpretation: “Things that shine.” You can take this literally or figuratively. If you take this literally- please pay attention to lighting, focal point, focus, saturation/ value, and interesting composition. If you take this figuratively, you need to take the time to set up or stage your composition. Include as many of the elements and principles as possible. Create an artist statement for your work.


Graphic Design: Create, invent, or reinvent a shoe. Create an advertisement for your new shoe. Reflect on what makes a good advertisement. What qualities did you incorporate? Show two people that are not in this class and get their feedback. Would they buy the shoe based on your advertisement? What would make it a more interesting advertisement? What drew their eye or interest? Document in your sourcebook.


Studio Art/ Advanced Studio Art: Your choice- draw your shoe or your hand. Focus on observational skills, value, texture, details (line quality, basic shapes, etc.). Write a reflection on the back. Try to push realism.


Remington Arts Festival

We have several works of art on display at TAUNY in Canton. There will be a reception and Awards Ceremony on Saturday at 11:30. All are welcome to attend.

Photography Homework: Lynn Johnson Research

Be prepared to discuss Lynn Johnson in class on Monday. You can learn information about Lynn at:



Please print off examples of her work to put in your sourcebook. Please properly critique Lynn’s photographs using our art criticism steps and correct art vocabulary.


What do you think of Lynn’s work? Explain.


Thank you Pinterest for letting me borrow this picture of Lynn Johnson, THE PHOTOGRAPHER (make sure you are researching the correct person!)



Graphic Design Homework

Graphic Design Homework

Due Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Take a walk through a supermarket, pharmacy, or convenience store. Notice the different sections and the products on the shelves.


Please answer the following questions in your sourcebook:


1. Which products catch your attention first? What is it about those products that are catching your attention?


2. Which products do you recognize from a television ad, website pop-up, or magazine?


Note the colors you see.


3. Which colors are used most often? Why do you think those colors are used?


4. Which colors are rarely used? Why do you think those colors are not used often?


5. Why do you think designers make the choices they do? What influences their design choices?


6. Open observations:




**Assignment developed from the book, Communicating through Graphic Design By Kevin Gatta and Claire Mowbray Golding

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