“I actually have a need for a hacksaw in my studio…”

This is a mini-assignment for ALL classes. You are to fulfill the project per your class (as discussed during class). This assignment will be done during class time (except for photography- you will need to take photos over the weekend to be prepared to work during class next week). We will look at the completed projects next week. Be prepared to share.


The assignment: 

“Most of us are familiar with the Swiss Army Knife, that clever gadget that houses 276 tools in one handy red plastic sheath. As creatives, we may never have a glaring need for a 2″ hacksaw, but there are things that we use every day in our professional lives that might make more useful tools. Your task is to invent your ‘Professional Survival Swiss Army… Thing.’ What would YOUR sheathed utility tool hold?” 

-From the book, Caffeine for the Creative Mind  By Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield


** You are to start brainstorming your tools that you need to get through your everyday life with. Start by just writing the list in your sourcebook. Once your list has about ten items, you can start sketching what this might look like.

You will need to create three different versions of what this project could look like. Example: Instead of a knife that these tools are coming out of, maybe this is a drawing of your hand and your tolls are danging from your bracelet or watch.

Try to be creative and pick your “Survival Swiss Army Thing” based on another description of you. Maybe, it is a dance shoe that your survival tools are coming out of. Maybe, it is a makeup case or bag. Maybe, it is a water bottle that these items are spilling out of. Maybe, it is a hair tie that is holding all of your tools together (the tools creating your hair somehow).

There are endless ways to solve this artistic problem. Take pride in coming up with your own idea and not using any of the examples I have shared. Make this assignment about YOU. Let me get to know you better through this assignment. Get to know your classmates better through this assignment. HAVE FUN!


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