Weekly Sketch #1

This weeks sketch theme: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”


Sketch Assignment Due Monday (September 15, 2014)

(See the desk references for convenience and help)


Studio Art:  There will need to be 2-3 drawings incorporated for this assignment: Create a hybrid food (combining two or more foods). The foods should represent you somehow. What would these foods look like combined? What are your reasons for combining these foods? Please create the appropriate packaging for your hybrid food. You should have drawings of the original foods (from observation) and then you will create the hybrid food (from both observation and imagination). Have fun with this!



Photo: Take pictures of food from an interesting focal point/ perspective. Focus on your lighting, composition, and think of the elements of art. The items of food that you pick to photograph should represent you somehow. Have fun; don’t forget to get high and low.



Advanced Studio: Draw from real life, your favorite food, or a food that represents you somehow. Like the saying “You are what you eat,” what could you draw to represent yourself. This should be an observational drawing from life (looking and drawing). Keep the elements of art in mind while drawing- how many elements were you able to use.  Please be sure to use the entire value range, and only use color to show emphasis or to draw the viewer’s eye to a focal point. Enjoy!



Graphic Design: Pick either Option #1 or Option #2

  1. Pick your favorite food and re-design the logo. Explain your choices and decisions for the logo. Needs to be original and high quality.


  1. Create a hybrid food and design the appropriate label and packaging that it would need…including a name! Have fun!




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