Weekly Sketch #2 “Scavenger Hunt”

Weekly Assignment 2

Scavenger Hunt

Due September 22, 2014



For this assignment, you will need to address this artistic problem from the viewpoint of your class or area of focus.


Your task is to find an object that has rough, bumpy, or sharp texture. This item also has a light source shown (I can see where the sun or light is coming from and I can also see the shadow that is created by it). This item may or may not be moveable. This item has some type of shape to it (whether it is organic or geometric).


You are to find this object (just needs to fit the requirements) and either complete an observational drawing (create an interesting composition and fill the entire page) or take interesting photographs of this object or objects. Again, you are to create this assignment based on your class and material of focus.


Be sure to put in appropriate time and effort. Look back to your reflection of your first weekly assignment. How can you improve the next one based off the first one? Have fun! Use your imagination as to what this object can be, but please actually find this object and replicate it from real life.



Please do not wait until Sunday night to work on this! Get ahead and plan!



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