Graphic Design Homework

Graphic Design Homework

Due Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Take a walk through a supermarket, pharmacy, or convenience store. Notice the different sections and the products on the shelves.


Please answer the following questions in your sourcebook:


1. Which products catch your attention first? What is it about those products that are catching your attention?


2. Which products do you recognize from a television ad, website pop-up, or magazine?


Note the colors you see.


3. Which colors are used most often? Why do you think those colors are used?


4. Which colors are rarely used? Why do you think those colors are not used often?


5. Why do you think designers make the choices they do? What influences their design choices?


6. Open observations:




**Assignment developed from the book, Communicating through Graphic Design By Kevin Gatta and Claire Mowbray Golding


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