Weekly Sketch Assignment

Weekly Assignment 3

Due Monday, October 6, 2014


Photography: Incorporating the elements discussed and practiced in class, photograph, in your own interpretation: “Things that shine.” You can take this literally or figuratively. If you take this literally- please pay attention to lighting, focal point, focus, saturation/ value, and interesting composition. If you take this figuratively, you need to take the time to set up or stage your composition. Include as many of the elements and principles as possible. Create an artist statement for your work.


Graphic Design: Create, invent, or reinvent a shoe. Create an advertisement for your new shoe. Reflect on what makes a good advertisement. What qualities did you incorporate? Show two people that are not in this class and get their feedback. Would they buy the shoe based on your advertisement? What would make it a more interesting advertisement? What drew their eye or interest? Document in your sourcebook.


Studio Art/ Advanced Studio Art: Your choice- draw your shoe or your hand. Focus on observational skills, value, texture, details (line quality, basic shapes, etc.). Write a reflection on the back. Try to push realism.



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