Graphic Design Text Project (basic outline of assignment- not whole hand-out or in class instruction)

Graphic Design

Text Project “Typeface”

Miss Eipp

For this assignment, you will create an image using only text.

  • You will want to limit your words
  • One word should represent one value/ color (EX: Life=highlights, Sky= light midtones, Car= darker midtones, Boat=Shadows)
  • You can change the size, type of font, and warping of the text for different effects (The text should be laid down in the direction of the face or hair to help show form and texture.)
  • You will need your own original photo (I would like to stick to portraits, but if you can argue a different topic, I will listen)
  • The words used should coincide with the imagery to help your visual communication.
  • There are endless ways to problem solve this project, have fun and find the way the suits you best! Know going into this, that this project can be tedious. Do not give up; the end result is always worth it!
You will be graded on:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Effort
  • Following directions
  • Use of an original photograph
  • Final product being printed on real photo paper
  • Word choice and visual communication

You will need to print these at Walmart, Walgreens, or have them sent out to be printed on real photo paper at the printer of your choice. These will be used in the art show at the end of the year. You will work at either an 8×10 size or 11×14 (17). You are responsible for having this project printed. It will need to be printed in order to be handed in for a grade. If there are problems printing, please see me!


**Your image should have form (meaning it looks like it is 3D and creates an illusion of depth. You can create this by varying your value, warping your text, and the flow of your letters or words.)

*If you finish early because your design is simple; you will need to create an advertisement for your portrait. You will need to focus on page layout, combining verbal and visual communication, font/ text of advertisement, color scheme, etc.

*If you are still ahead of the game, create another text project that is more detailed. OR create a series.

Step 1: Open Portrait in Photoshop

Step 2: Duplicate your picture layer (drag background layer to bottom right where it looks like a page is turning- next to the trash can)

Step 3: Turn your copied layer into black and white (Image > Adjustments > Black and White – you can make adjustments as needed with the toolbox that pops up)

Step 4: Image > Adjustment > Posterize pick either 3 or 4 (This represents 3 values –white, midtone, black or 4 values- White, two midtones, and black) It is up to you how many you work in. The more values, the more realistic and more depth you will show – like the example by You can imply values by layer different sized text like the example by

Step 5: Create new layers for your text. YOU DO NOT WANT TO FLATTEN YOUR IMAGE. We will be deleting the photo when we are done.

Your image will continue to grow in size and Photoshop will be slow. Please work patiently as you add layers and text.

Remember to copy a layer is ALT and to move a layer is Ctrl.

Be sure to save to your desktop in photoshop format AND on your flashdrive!!


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