Photography Project 1: Words

For this assignment, you are to find a poem, book, lyric, quote, or single word to base your project around.

You want to start finding your written word(s) first! Then, build your project around the words.

You should be diving into one of the areas of interest you brainstormed in class (off the top of my head, I remember the following: women’s rights, human vs. nature, political or social issues, etc.)

This is an open-ended project. This can be hard to do. This will involve brainstorming and problem-solving. There will be time during class to brainstorm with your classmates. If you are stuck, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to come in and see me.

The requirements:

Present a minimum of 10-15 original photos, taken new, specifically for this project, in a PowerPoint or other electronic presentation format.

You should have a title slide (Your name, Title of Project, Date, etc.)

You may want to have one slide with all of the photos as a table of contents or visual summary of what is to come.

The following slides should be your individual photos, nice and big! No text, unless necessary.

At the end, or wherever makes sense, you should include the words you based your project off of and a self-reflection.

The very last slide should include any works cited, references, and resources used during your research and work. Be sure to give credit and shout outs to your subjects if they volunteered their time! (Please get their written permission in your sourcebook as needed)

***DISCLAIMER: I do not have the assignment in front of me, while I type, I may be leaving out a requirement or two. I will update ASAP! Refer to your notes from class.


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