Studio Art Research Presentation and Project

Studio Art

Abstract Art Presentation Parts 1 and 2

Due Friday, October 31, 2014

Ms. Eipp

Part I:

Once your still life project is complete, you will need to research Abstract Art. Focus in on one artist specifically. (Give me all the basic bio, historical time frame, interesting or surprising facts, examples of artist’s work, and a critique of their work with educated opinion (from research)). You will need to use 1-2 books and 2 different legitimate internet resources (start with the library reference system).

Compare that artist to Realism. (First, you will want to define Realism and research it the way you did with Abstract Art). You will need to compare your artist’s work to your own still life project. Compare and contrast using the art vocabulary learned in class (elements and principles/ art criticism) to support your analysis and criticism.

You will be creating a PowerPoint presentation to show your findings. There needs to be a works cited page- the same way as in English class. Your presentation should mostly consist of visuals with you speaking your research and analysis.

You will be graded on:

  • Number of legitimate sources (1-2 book, minimum of 2 internet) properly cited
  • Content is accurate, opinions are backed up by research findings, student gives credit to sources for information that is not their own.
  • Student analyzed and critiqued work by an Abstract artist of their choosing
  • Student compared their still life project and Realism to the Abstract artist’s work
  • PowerPoint presentation is aesthetically pleasing, presentation was interesting and insightful, the student dressed professionally and not in a distracting manner, the student read from their notes and NOT from their slides.
  • The student included a reflection of their research and analysis. The student thought about the information presented and applied it to the real world (whether in their own immediate world or the greater world around us)

Presentation Project Part II:


You are to create a project that will be split into half. One side will be done in a realistic style (create from observation). The other side will be done in an abstract style (be inspired by the artist you researched, but DO NOT copy!). You will need to draw out your subject matter across the entire paper. Think about how to actually complete this assignment. How will you suggest the essence of the object? The mood or feelings attached or surrounded by this object? What will your color palette consist of? Ask your classmates constantly about your visual communication.  (Example of childhood bike)

Include an artist statement when finished that explains both sides of your composition (using your research and educated opinion to help express your thoughts and purpose).


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