Technology in the Art Room

I had a great time yesterday at the Technology in the Art Room Workshop.  I learned all kinds of great resources for you guys to use for research and creation. Below are something fun things I created using pixlr. This was my favorite of the software technology we used. Pixlr is FREE and in my opinion- must more user friendly than GIMP.  I really enjoyed the pencil tool on this software.

Art and Technology2Eipp

Technology and Art Eipp

Here are some other great resources I learned about:

Google Art Project, Smart History, Picturing America, Art Babble, MoMA Learning, GIMP (did not love), Pixlr, Sketchbook Express, YouTube (editing video option), Drip, Picasso Head, Google Drive, and Prezi.

Many of you are already using most of these sites. I would love for you to check out Google Art Project, Smart History, Art Babble, and Pixlr; as those were my favorites!! Comment which resources you liked best and why!

Enjoy 🙂


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